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Proudly launching environmentally friendly e-Statements!

In line with Barwa Bank’s pursuit to offer the most innovative products and services and to help protect nature and the environment, we are proud to inform you that the bank has launched the e-Statement service. Now you will be able to access your bank account statements anytime, anywhere.

Once subscribed, your e-Statement will be delivered to your preferred email address(es) at a selected frequency. Don’t worry: It is a SECURE, password protected PDF file.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure, fast and free!
  • Receive and access your e-Statements anywhere in the world!
  • View, print and save e-Statements on your personal computer
  • Option to enroll for one or multiple account types (Current, Savings)**
  • Choose your own frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Free yourself from paper clutter

**At present this service is not available for Term Deposit

How do I subscribe?
Send an email to eStatements@barwabank.com
In text message space write:

  • I want to enroll and stop paper  <space> RIM number, Account type(s).

    E.g. I want to enroll and stop paper 9999, Current account, Savings Account
    (if you want to enroll for e-Statement and STOP paper statement)
  • I want to enroll and keep paper   <space> Account type(s).

    E.g. I want to enroll and keep paper 8888, Current account
    (if you want to enroll for e-Statement and CONTINUE with paper statement)

Your request to activate the e-Statement will be actioned within 48 hours.

You can at anytime revert back to paper statement by notifying us via an email sent to eStatements@barwabank.com, or call at 800 8555 or visit any nearest Barwa branch.

Can I have it delivered to more than one email address?
The e-Statement can be delivered to more than one email address as per your need and instructions. Should you wish to change your existing email address or supply a new / additional one please write to eStatements@barwabank.com

24 Hour Customer Care

Contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simply phone 800 8555

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