Barwa Bank Internship Program helps prepare local youth for future career

Doha, 09 October, 2011 - Barwa Bank, Qatar's newest shari’ah compliant banking service provider, recently invited an enthusiastic group of Qatar University students to take part in an internship programme which offered insight into the world of shari’ah compliant banking. The training programme highlighted Barwa Bank’s continuing commitment to the local community and its desire to play a pivotal role in fostering young talent.

The local students were able to spend invaluable time at Barwa Bank, interacting with employees and gaining important experience of the financial sector. This was made possible thanks to an agreement between Barwa Bank and Qatar University and underscores Barwa Bank’s interest in talented youngsters, helping them develop their skills as part of their undergraduate degree and preparing them to become future

Amgad Younes, COO, Barwa Bank, “We were delighted at the opportunity to share our skills and experience with bright, young men and women. Through the internship we were able to give them experience in a range of areas in which we specialise , including shari’ah compliant banking, management concepts and banking principles in general. We believe that complementing students’ studies with exposure to the world
of work is an effective way to prepare them for their future careers.”

The internship is offered as a minimum of 120 hours and can be done between semesters. The flexible nature of the programme means that it can easily coincide with the university students’ fulltime studies enabling them to practice their theoretical learning in a dynamic and hands on way.

Amit Das, Instructor at Qatar University gave his thoughts on the training program, “Qatar University thanks Barwa Bank for giving our students the opportunity to observe and participate in the work of the bank. The internship not only gives them a chance to apply what they have learnt in the university so far, but it also shows them how to prepare themselves for the workplace when they graduate. We appreciate the support that Barwa Bank management provide to our students, and we hope that our relationship grows stronger in the years ahead.”

Mr. Steve Troop, CEO, Barwa Bank went onto conclude, “Not only are internships like this our way of giving back to the local community, they also enable us to have a fresh perspective on our everyday activities. At Barwa Bank we’re all about hiring and nurturing the brightest employees and this initiative enables us to continue to do so.”

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