Barwa Bank helps educate students in Somalia among other charity initiatives launched in Ramadan

Barwa Bank, Qatar's newest Sharia'h compliant bank, has paid for the education of a number of students for one year in Somalia, as part of its joint charity initiative launched during the month of Ramadan, in co-operation with Qatar Charity. Barwa Bank donated the a year’s fees for a student's education for each and every new salary transfer during the holy month of Ramadan. The initiative was well received by customers, who were glad to bank for a good cause.

“We are keen to play our role as a responsible organisation that works towards the development of individuals and communities. My colleagues and I were moved by the difficulties facing the children of Somalia, and wanted to give them a better future through education” commented Steve Troop, CEO, Barwa Bank Group.

To create awareness of the initiative and the importance of education, Barwa Bank organised a drawing competition for children in various Doha malls during Ramadan. Children were asked to draw what they want to be when they grow up, and were given educational books upon participation.

All the drawings were posted on Barwa Bank's Facebook page for public voting, to choose the best drawing each week. More than 1500 children took part in the competition, and 3 winners received notebooks as prizes. “Our aim was to create awareness of the cause and give our clients the opportunity to contribute positively to other people's future while enjoying first-class Shari'ah compliant banking products and services,” Mr. Troop added.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan, Barwa Bank also organized an indoor football tournament in co-operation with Qatar Charity. Sixteen teams registered to play in four groups from August 1 till August 19. Barwa Bank tripled the amount raised in registration fees, and donated it to Qatar Charity to help families and children in Qatar during Ramadan.

Mr. Troop commented, “While we care for children in less fortunate parts of the world, we didn't want to forget our home country of Qatar. Football is the number one sport amongst youth in Qatar, as it is around the world. This initiative allowed them to indulge that passion whilst contributing to the wellbeing of others during the holy month of Ramadan.”

The educational charity initiative through which Barwa Bank helps educate a child for a year for every salary transfer is still running. This innovative approach to charity work is further evidence of Barwa Bank's leading position as an innovative shari'ah compliant bank, providing its customers with ethical, state of the art banking products and services, and contributing to the wellbeing of humans wherever they might be in need.

“We are proud to have launched these initiatives aimed at helping those in need, both in Qatar and abroad. This is part of our commitment towards creating a better future for our customers and all members of communities, and is a central element of our strategy focussed upon becoming a universal Shari'ah compliant banking group” Mr. Troop concluded.

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