Barwa Bank joins MEF to accelerate mobile commerce innovation across the region

May 28, 2011: Barwa Bank, the newest Shari’ah compliant banking services provider in Qatar
became the first bank in the world to join MEF, the global trade body for the mobile media
industry with a dedicated focus on Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce). Through the MEF
membership Barwa Bank will be able to create thought leadership, share knowledge, define
opportunities and challenges and discuss solutions about various aspects of the M-Commerce
sector, particularly in the emerging markets of GCC and the Middle East.

This step comes in line with Barwa Bank's vision to become a universal Shari’ah compliant
banking group based in Qatar. In order to achieve its vision, Barwa Bank has been focusing
on developing innovative products and services to help its customers leap into the future of
banking. Mobile Banking and M-Commerce is at the heart of this approach, as it brings added
value to customers and will help drive the growth of the economy in Qatar through supporting
businesses to deliver content and services to consumers.

The M-Commerce initiative by MEF aims to evolve the potential of M-Commerce, address
security and privacy issues, while increasing consumer and merchant confidence in mobile
payments. As a member of MEF, Barwa Bank will be the first bank in the world to work closely
with MEF on shaping the future of this initiative and driving its execution in Qatar.

Mr. Hussein Fakhri, Head of Marketing Communications in Barwa Bank said, “The mobile
medium is a major space now, we at Barwa Bank have identified innovation as one of our core
values and business modules, and we will work with all members of MEF in Qatar from
telecom operators to SMEs, retailers and others to create an ecosystem for M-Commerce.”

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director, added, “We’re thrilled to welcome Barwa Bank as
the first bank to become MEF members. MEF currently has over 80 of its members companies
working on M-Commerce across North America, EMEA and South East Asia. We look forward
to Barwa Bank leading and supporting MEF’s M-Commerce activities in the Middle East to
demonstrate the mobile as the key platform to purchase, transact and engage with customers
in a safe and trusted environment.”

“We have been providing innovative services and offerings to our customers since our launch.
Through this membership, we will continue our innovative path at much faster pace. Our
customers deserve and should expect only the best from the bank of the future” concluded Mr.

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