A new Era of banking services ushered by Barwa Bank The concept branch that will change the way you think of banks

The concept branch that will change the way you think of banks

Doha, 28 March 2011 - Barwa Bank, Qatar's newest shari'ah compliant banking service provider, announced the details and unique features of its new concept branch that will be open to customers in the near future.

The branch represents an environment that is welcoming and promotes easy, efficient and innovative banking. It truly personifies Barwa Bank's slogan, “the future has a bank”, and realises the trends of tomorrow, today.

The branch was designed by CREA International, a world reknown design company from Milan in Italy, and was a result of major efforts by Barwa Bank to simplify the banking procedures.

The customers in the new branch will feel the difference from the very beginning, as the branch features a state of the art paperless queuing system, and unique touch screens that allow staff to complete banking transactions together with customers in an efficient and easy way.

Mr, Hussein Fakhri, Head of Marketing Communications in Barwa Bank commented on the occasion :”In the age of ipads, touch screens and eco-friendly technologies, we wanted a work environment that combines all of that and takes our customers to a new era of innovative banking services.”

The concept branch design supports fully paperless transactions which is the future aim for Barwa Bank once all regulatory permissions are in place. However, at the first phase of operations, the branch will have almost 50% paperless work flow, which contributes greatly to the overall experience of customer service.

Mr. Eslah Assem, Head of Retail Banking commented :”We know that the key to provide innovative service is to be daring, confident and unconventional at all times, and to keep challenging yourself before anything else. That is why we challenged ourselves to create this paperless branch, and we shared this challenge with CREA International."

Mr. Massimo Fabbro, Founder and CEO of CREA International gave a presentation on the different design aspects of the concept branch, and explained how the space was used to support the transparent and open workflow at all times.

This concept branch reassures Barwa Bank's position as an innovative Shari'ah compliant bank, and further enhances the customers' experience not only through products and services, but also through creating a unique environment that supports rendering of these services.

“This will truly be the beginning of a new era in banking and we are particularly proud that it is being led from Qatar and from Shari’ah compliant banking.” concluded Mr. Fakhri.

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