Barwa Bank unites to celebrate National Sports Day

Barwa Bank unites to celebrate National Sports Day

Doha, February 18, 2012 - Barwa Bank, Qatar's fastest growing Shari’ah compliant banking service provider, celebrated National Sports Day with employees, family and friends joining together to participate in the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) 3k run followed by football matches and a cricket awards ceremony organised by Barwa Bank, at Qatar Sports Club on Tuesday. Barwa Bank responded to the recent creation of a National Sports Day by organising a range of fun sporting activities to engage both Barwa Bank Group (BBG) employees and their families and join together with the local community to celebrate this significant occasion. The day got off to a great start with Mr. Keith Bradley, Head of Banking, Barwa Bank winning first place at the QCB race, while Mr. Amgad Younes, COO, Barwa Bank came 5th in their division.

The activities then saw the culmination of an ongoing employee football tournament, launched on the 12th of January 2012 for all BBG employees and their sons under 18 years old, with the finalist FC Barcelona v’s OPS Support battling it out for first place. Barcelona team won the tournament, with OPS Support coming second and Liverpool in third place. Best goal keeper was Abdullah Darwish from team Liverpool and Best player was Antabawi from Barcelona. Prizes were given to teams by Mr. Keith Bradley, Mr. Amjad Younes and Mr. Eslah Assem, Acting CEO, First Finance.

The more amateur players were not forgotten either, with side games arranged between BBG staff and their children. Then there was the grand awards ceremony to recognise the sporting achievements of the first Annual BBG Cricket Sixes Tournament held from 22-24th January 2012 between a total of six teams. The tournament winners, the Pakistan Panthers were presented with the Winners’ Trophy while runner-ups, the Asian Kings were also recognised for their achievements.

Mr. Keith Bradley commented on the initiative, “National Sports Day offers Barwa Bank a wonderful CSR opportunity, both in building employee spirit and to make a significant contribution to the nation’s well-being by doing our part in promoting sports and healthier lifestyle. Sports are all about being motivated and today was a testament to Barwa Bank’s ongoing commitment to enable and empower not only our own staff, but our customers and the people of Qatar in general, to aspire and achieve more in every aspect of their work and life.”

Barwa Bank’s commitment to supporting sports in Qatar is at the heart of the bank's CSR activities since its debut. The bank organised the first Ramadan indoor football championship in Qatar in collaboration with Qatar Charity and is currently sponsoring Ziyad Rahim, Head of Market Risk at Barwa Bank, who will compete in the gruelling Marathon des Sables (MdS) on 6 April - 16 April 2012. The event raises money towards the treatment of Noma, an acute gangrenous infection that affects the face. Barwa Bank has also sponsored a local Squash tournament and will continue to collaborate with the Qatar Squash Federation to support this popular sport.

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