Barwa Bank makes significant donation to Qatar Orphan Foundation

Doha, January 20, 2013 - Barwa Bank, Qatar's fastest growing Shari’ah compliant banking service provider, hosted a handover ceremony in which a cheque worth QAR400, 000 was presented to Qatar Orphan Foundation (Dhreima) at Barwa Bank Headquarters on Wednesday 16 January 2013.

The donation was made by Barwa Bank to help support the local charity in the care for orphans in Qatar. Attending the special event was Steve Troop, CEO, Barwa Bank, Khalid Kamal, General Manager, Dhreima and. 

Mr Troop commented on the occasion, “We are delighted to make this donation to Dhreima in order to support the worthwhile work it is doing to improve the lives of orphans in Qatar, while at the same time achieving social solidarity through raising awareness of underprivileged children among Qatari society. Barwa Bank is fully committed to supporting humanitarian causes such as this, and will continue to do whatever we can to help improve the lives of those less fortunate”

Upon receiving the cheques, Mr Kamal took the opportunity to thank Barwa Bank for its donation, “I am proud to be here today on behalf of Dhreima to accept this cheque. It is through support like this that we are able to carry out our mission to provide care and accommodation for orphans and underprivileged children to help foster a better quality of life for them. It is a vast mission and every donation counts towards achieving this.”

Barwa Bank consistently plays an important role in national and international humanitarian causes.  The care of children and youth is a crucial element of this, with the bank having launched several campaigns during the month of Ramadan in previous years to support education of unprivileged children in Africa.