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Barwa Bank Employee Completes Seven Continent Marathon

Doha, October 08, 2012 - Barwa Bank, Qatar's fastest growing Shari’ah compliant banking service provider, has welcomed back Ziyad Rahim, its Head of Market Risk, who has become the first Qatari resident to complete a marathon on all seven continents.  Ziyad joined the exclusive “Seven Continent Club” after completing the Sydney Marathon, held on September 16th.

Earlier this year, Ziyad completed two extreme marathons to raise awareness for Noma disease in West Africa.  In March he took part in the Antarctica Marathon in temperatures below -20c and, a month later, in April, completed the 250km Marathon Des Sables (MDS) in Africa, considered to be the toughest footrace on Earth.  Barwa Bank sponsored Ziyad to compete in the MDS. He became the first person to run these two extreme marathons in the space of one month.

Commenting on the seven continent challenge Ziyad said, “It has been a great honour to have achieved this landmark; being the first person from Qatar. To-date, a handful of runners globally have been inducted into the Seven Continent Club and only a few from Asia representing five countries (China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and India) : it gives me great satisfaction to be part of this highly exclusive club”.

To-date, Ziyad has completed over 50 full-marathons and ultra-distance races around the world.  It took him less than 4 years to complete the seven continent journey. His most memorable races in each continent have been; New York City Marathon, USA (North America), Sao Paulo Marathon, Brazil (South America), Pisa Marathon, Italy (Europe), Marathon Des Sables, Morocco (Africa), Annapurna  100K ultra-marathon, Nepal (Asia), Sydney Marathon, Australia (Oceania) and the Antarctica Marathon. 

Ziyad thanked his employer for supporting him in this challenge and also expressed his desire to work with Qatar-based charities in their fund-raising campaigns.  His next big planned adventure for 2013 is competing in the North Pole marathon. The race takes place at 90 degree north over the frozen Arctic ocean in temperatures averaging -50c.  It is the only marathon in the world that is not run on land, but entirely on ice. He wishes to collaborate with a local charity to raise funds for a noble cause as part of his Arctic campaign.

Steve Troop, CEO, Barwa Bank Group said, “This is an astonishing achievement by our colleague Ziyad and one that marks him out as a world-class athlete:  we are very proud of him.”


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