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FFC & NBK Agreement (E)

First Finance Company signs agreement with NBK Powered Sports

Shari’ah complaint financing for Harley- Davidson, Kawasaki & MV Agusta Motorcycle

Doha, 10/06/2014 - First Finance Company (FFC), a member of Barwa Bank Group has signed an agreement with NBK Powered Sport’s for three major motor sports leisure brands: Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki & MV Agusta. The contract between FFC and NBK Powered Sports was signed during a signing ceremony held on Tuesday 10th June at FFC Headquarters.

Attending the signing ceremony on behalf of FFC was Mr. Eslah Assem CEO; Mr. Yousif Al Subeai Debuty CEO and Mr. Stefan Moench GM of NBK Powered Sports. The association between FFC and NBK Sports ensures that those who wish to purchase a Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki or MV Agusta motorbike can receive FFC’s highly competitive Shari’ah complaint financing.

Mr. Assem commented on the occasion, “We are delighted to partner with NBK Powered Sports to offer financing for these three major motor sports leisure brands. The number of motorcycle enthusiasts in Qatar has increased greatly in recent years, and we wanted to support them in the pursuit of their passion. This agreement marks a major step forward in the development of FFC’s product offering proposition as our customers are now able to benefit from FFC’s competitive financing that is at the same time Shari’ah complaint through a streamlined process, saving time whilst being highly attractive.”

The new financing offers highly competitive rates combined with excellent customer service. FFC will provide finance under the following terms; financing for up to 48 months for residents of Qatar and 72 months for Qatar Nationals; down payment of not less than 10% with comprehensive insurance for motorcycles for the first year of funding.

Mr. Yousif al Subeai, Deputy Chief Executive Officer also commented, “FFC always endeavors to provide their customers with innovative services and products, tailor-made for their convenience. Our agreement with NBK Powered Sport’s is another such initiative."

Mr. Moench said that he is proud to have an association with FFC due to their simple procedures, flexible credit conditions and speed in completing transactions, all of which makes it very easy for customers, “This partnership will make dreams come true for our clients. I believe that this agreement will enable many new people to become part of an iconic family and lifestyle. We look forward to a successful and long relationship with FFC.”

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