Note: Please fill, print, sign and deliver it to the branch.

Bank Guarantee Application Form

Instructing Party And Applicant Details

Beneficiary Details

Guarantee Details

Contact details of Instructing Party (in case of query on this application)

Delivery Method Of Bank Guarantee / Bond

Charge Method of Bank Gurantee / Bond

Letter of guarantee Terms /Applicant's Declaration

I /We , as the Instructing party , request the Bank to issue or procure the issuance of the Guarantee in accordance with the above instructions , I/We have read and understood the Bank's terms and conditions for issuuing gurantees and agrees to be bound by them together with any other relevent agreement (including without limitation any Facility letter/agreement ) in place between the Bank and me/us.

Terms and Conditions

We do hereby priorly authorize you, against issuance of this Letter of Guarantee, to renew it whenever the beneficiary requests you for that .We undertake, in advance to indemnify you against any damage or liability that may be caused to you resulting from the issuance of this Letter of Guarantee or its renewal. We also authorize you to pay the amount specified in this Letter of Guarantee or any pay thereof whenever the beneficiary requests you to do so and without referring to us or obtaining our prior consent.

We undertake to pay immediately upon your first requests all amounts paid by you and / or amounts you may be requested to pay according to this authorization in addition to all expenses , fees and damages incurred by you at any time as a results of the issuance of this Letter of Guarantee.

We also authorize you priorly and without intimation to us to deduct from any of our accounts the amount of the Letter of Guarantee before it is returned to you or cancelled or paid and to retain the deducted amount as a guarantee for the value of this letter until the settlement of all liabilities you may incur in accordance with it.

We also undertake to deposit with you, and upon your first written request during the validity of this Letter of Guarantee or the renewed period , in cash or in securities acceptable to you, sums equivalent to cover the value of the letter of guarantee , even if that is not requested by the beneficiary .

In case we fail to comply with this undertaking, you have the full right to debit our A/C and / or charge us a due debit.

In case that this application is made by two or more persons, we hereby consent that every one of them is severally and jointly responsible with others towards all liabilities and obligations that may result from the issuance of this letter of guarantee.

We agree that any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of this Letter of Guarantee shall be referred to the civil courts of the state of Qatar, to have the judgment on the dispute taken as per the provisions of the Qatar laws that do not contradict with the Islamic Sharia.

In any case a difference is found between the Arabic version shall be considered as legal.